Mercado de Correos | One of the top restaurants in the entire Region

If you´ve ever tried to organize a meal out with a group of friends, then no doubt you´ll have experienced the frustration of trying to keep everyone happy regarding their food choices…

Half of you fancy a nice greasy burger, the other half are craving a sushi boat or some fine dining, and we usually end up frustrated and losing interest in the event.

Well… that’s where Mercado de Correos truly shines!

Since its inauguration in November 2018, the restaurant has been a huge success, and to this day remains to be the only gastronomic food market in the country.

With 16 different food stations and a centralized POS, the restaurant offers something for everyone.

Here you´ll find everything from the finest cuts of meat cooked to your liking, to pizza, sushi, American style brioche sandwiches, and everything in between.

Photo credit Mercado de Correos

The food stations surround an oval-shaped bar in the center of the restaurant, with the traditional style bar at the front, and a wine/cocktail bar on the other side.

One thing that really sets Mercados de Correos apart from many of the food and drinks establishments in the area is their ethos of employing really high-quality staff. For example, at Mercado de Correos you won´t find someone serving you a glass of wine looking for a little extra cash as a summer job, but an actual qualified sommelier.

Orenes Group is the marketing powerhouse behind this stunning venue. They’re also responsible for a number of the top leisure and gastronomy venues in the region including Collados Beach Club in La Manga, Restaurante 0 Grados, La Muralla, Hotel Rincon de Pepe, and of course the showstopping Odiseo (We´ll write a dedicated post for Odiseo separately as it really is something special that the city has to offer).

As well as having a gastro market guaranteed to whet any appetite, you´ll also find the Invernadero bar towards the rear of the establishment.

The Invernadero bar is a slightly up-market bar, a great place to dress up but at the same time, you won´t be expected to follow any dress codes at the door.

Here you´ll always find a great atmosphere and a wide range of clientele, from university students to local business people, and all in all a great place to meet new people and network in the city.

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