Wine in Murcia – Get to know what the region has to offer

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Murcia may be renowned for its golden coastlines and traditional cuisine, but how much do you know about the wines of Murcia.

The region may pull in hundreds of thousands of tourists every year to top up their tan and dine out on tapas galore, but for the real wine lovers out there, Murcia´s wine tourism industry is just as thriving.

Although the wines of Murcia aren´t exactly very notable on a global scale, they´re definitely worth getting to know if you´re looking to spend any time at all in this beautiful region.

In parts of Murcia such as Bullas, Jumilla, and Yecla, you´ll be able to find a huge selection of vineyards, wine tours and even courses in how you can make your own brand of wine at home.

Jumilla and Yecla are particularly notable and its where you´ll find the most wines pressed from the “Monastrell” grape variety.

An 80km wine tour through Jumilla, Yecla, Pinoso, and back to Jumilla, will give you an insight not only into the striking landscapes that surround, characterized by a huge number of vineyards in the area, but also a lesson in how the Monastrell grape is grown, harvested, and pressed into some of the finest wines the region has to offer.


Starting in Jumilla, many of the wineries have moved just outside this historic village, in quaint château-type villas that sit as the center point of its vineyards surrounding it.

One particular winery worth naming in this area would be “Casa de la Ermita”; a name you´re bound to hand seen before on the label of many a local wine in the region.

One way to enjoy this incredible area is by visiting the Castillo de Jumilla, where you´ll be able to take in the breath-taking views of a landscape dominated by vineyards.


Another major player in the Murcia wine industry is Yecla – located approximately 50km from the coast, its vast vineyards bare the fruit (literally) to some of the most famous bodegas in Murcia.

One winery that´s particularly worth noting is Bodegas Castaño, a big-time producer of red, white, rose, and desserts wines, traditionally operated as a family business for generations.

This place is definitely worth a visit if only to visit Bodegas Castaño alone.

A wine tour I´ve personally participated in was organized by the guys at Rutas del Vino Yecla.


Pinoso just crosses to line over into the Alicante region. You´ll find it near the mountains of Sierra del Reclot which at their highest point, are just over 1km.

Even if you´re not visiting this town as a budding wine connoisseur, you´ll able to enjoy endless forest lands and mountainous routes for a day out in the countryside.

Bodegas Pinoso offer a 2 hour guided tour of their historic winery, where you´ll learn about the whole fermenting process, vist the pressing and barrel rooms, as well as indulge in a little taste testing yourself.

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