Take a look inside one of Spain´s most expensive properties.

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Located in Palma Son Vida, Mallorca, this 2,489m² mega-villa is one of Spain´s most expensive properties.

Known as “The Chameleon”, the villa is a striking display of incredible architecture by the talented architecture firm “APM Mallorca”.

The villa is sat in the hills of the Son Vida urbanisation, with breath-taking views of the Palma bay on the Spanish island of Mallorca. 

Inside the property, you´ll find a staggering 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, so you´re never too far away from a pillow to rest your head when you get tired from walking around the enormous 6,500m² plot!

Now it wouldn´t really bet a truly luxury villa without its own guest house, and this cliffside prinicle of luxury also has a 200m² guest houses! That´s more than double the average size of a Spanish home which currently stands at roughly 97m² 

Now when it comes to toys and tech, there was no expense spared. on the main terrace, the enormous swimming pool raises to ground level at the push of a button to allow to additional terrace space, entertaining areas and even a helicopter landing pad! Because, of course, you wouldn´t own a property like this and not own a helicopter right?

But that´s not all the villa has to offer! You also have a cinema, a separate building for sports and a home gym, and a unique LED lighting display that makes its mark on the Palma skyline once the sun sets over the sea in the distance.

Inside the property, you have views in every direction and from every bedroom, the highest quality appliances, underfloor heating, smart home systems, you name it, its got it.

Even the office looks good enough for the most prestigious law firms.

There´s no doubt that at 29,000,000€, it carries a hefty price tag, but how much of that price includes those stunning views? That´s the age-old question thats always difficult to answer, but lets see if they finder!

So what do you think of this absolutely spectacular home? Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think!

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