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Mercado de Correos | One of the top restaurants in the entire Region

If you´ve ever tried to organize a meal out with a group of friends, then no doubt you´ll have experienced the frustration of trying to keep everyone happy regarding their food choices... Half of you fancy a nice greasy burger, the other half are craving a sushi boat or some fine dining, and we usually end up frustrated and losing interest in the event. Well... that's where Mercado de Correos truly...

NYE at Local de Ensayo – Puente Tocinos

Well, what can I say about our experience at this restaurant other than WOW! Local de Ensayo in Puente Tocinos has regularly been featured in the Michelin Food Guide but is currently gunning for its first Michelin star. And although we´re not exactly seasoned food critics at Murcia Services, we do like to give our readers an insight into what this incredible region has to offer. The saddest thing we...

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