10 Tips To Help You Stay Cool in Murcia (or anywhere) This Summer

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Following our previous post about the heat rising in the Region of Murcia, here at Murcia Services we like to do our bit for the community and share some ideas on how you can keep cool this Summer.

If you have any tips on how others can keep cool in this weather, please feel free to share them with us all.

1. Less Heat in The Bedroom

Getting to sleep in a hot and sweaty bed is a nightmare in itself, but not if you plan ahead. Keep a constant supply of ice packs in the freezer and put them in the bed 15 minutes before going to bed. Naturally, these won´t stay cooler forever, but they will cool the bed down just long enough for you to drop off. DON´T USE ICE… It will melt and it WILL raise questions!

2. Your Freezer is Your Friend

Grab a load of fresh towels and lightly wet them. Pop them in the freezer for an hour or so then use them to cover your “key pulse areas” such as your feet, wrists, back of your neck and behind your knees. DO NOT OVER WET THEM! In my personal experience, overly wet towels turn into overly heavy and uncomfortable blocks of ice!

3. Got Cold Feet?

Keeping your feet cool is an incredibly quick way to cool down your whole body. Fill a bowl full of cold water and rest your feet in them whilst relaxing in front of the TV or even sitting on the terrace. I personally prefer not to share my foot-cooler bowl as otherwise, it´s pretty gross!

4. Start Grazing

If you´re like me and you enjoy a good hearty dinner, then prepare to be disappointed. When eating large meals, your body heats up to help digest your food. Try eating smaller portions more regularly and avoid spicy foods!

5. Be Shady

No, we´re not asking you to take part in suspicious business activities with a guy that knows a guy! As much as we all love a tan and showing off our Mediterranean God-like tanned bodies (or in my case, a slightly podgy god with a tan that looks like a stop sign), try to spend a little time in the sun as possible during peak times. You can easily end up with heatstroke with can end up with a trip to the hospital.

6. DIY Air Con

Don´t have air con in your apartment/villa? Try freezing a couple large bottles of water and putting them in front of a fan. This will slightly cool down the breeze instead of just moving warm air around the room. Genius!

7. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Staying hydrated is paramount in this heat. Right now your body will be burning through water faster than ever. We won`t bore you with the science but just take our word for it… ok? And no, beer doesn’t count! 3 litres of water a day is an absolute bare minimum and if you are having a particularly heavy day on the booze, alternate your drinks with equal measures of water.

8. Go on Lockdown

As much as we all like a brightly lit room, I´m pretty confident in saying that we´d all prefer to be nice and cool in a darker room than sweating buckets in a bright room that feels like an oven. Close down all shutters, blinds, curtains or whatever you have to reduce the amount of sun getting into the house. This trick also works for nosy neighbours.

9. Go For Cotton

Try to stock up on lighter cotton clothes to help your bodies breathe. Avoid any tight, dark clothing and go for something looser and more reflective.

10. Get a Late Night

Try going to bed just a couple hours later. Enjoy your evening out on the terrace with your personal foot-cooler bowl whilst giving your house the opportunity to cool down just a couple degrees more.

Bonus Tip: Avoid too many lights

As much as we all like to see… bulbs give off a tremendous amount of heat and several bulbs quickly add up to a few degrees difference indoors, try to put off turning the lights on for as long as possible, maybe even get one of those fancy mosquito candles from the Spar and kill two birds, or mosquitos with one stone… or candle…

Thats all from us for now, thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Murcia Services.


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